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This agreement, between Dr. Jack Kane and the user, gives the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access the Kane formula for the limited purpose of performing IOL power calculations for the user’s clinical operations.

The Kane Formula is a tool to assist physicians in selecting the appropriate IOL for their patients. The results obtained by the calculator are not intended to serve as instruction from the author. Surgeons must arrive at their own independent determination regarding the proper treatment for their patients and are solely responsible for the refractive outcome. By using the Kane formula, you agree to waive and hold the author harmless from any claims you may have arising out of your use of this tool.

Dr. Kane is devoted to preserving the privacy of the users and patients. We do not store patient or surgeon data or details of individual calculations. Patient or surgeon identifiers are not accessible to the service provider at any time.

The Kane formula is based on the intellectual property of Dr. Kane. It is provided for educational and clinical purposes only. The user may not adapt, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, create derivative works, act as a software as a service provider, or operate a service bureau based on the Kane Formula. This agreement gives the user no ownership right, title or interest in the Kane Formula or in any applicable trade secrets, intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks or copyrights. By clicking  “I agree” below the user will be bound by the terms of this agreement. This agreement shall be governed by, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of Australia.

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